"Miss Evelyn Nesbit Presents"

1. During her luncheon with producer H. H. Samson, Evelyn attempts to take back the story of her life. Does she succeed? If so, do you think that she could continue to own her life? If not, what else could she have done?

2. Do you think Evelyn's actions in the hotel dining room would have been different if she hadn't listened to the conversation in the train car? What might have happened?

3. The author of this story deliberately kept the lush and sensual details of 1914 to a minimum so as not to romanticize the era and to keep the focus on Evelyn's resolution. Did you miss those visual details? Or, knowing that the story was set in 1914, did you still see Evelyn outfitted like Rose in Titanic or Lady Mary in Downton Abbey? In short stories, how important is how we envision historical characters versus the actions that they take?

4. Is H. H. Samson redeemable? In 1914, could a man like him ever learn to treat women with respect? To what extent do men like H.H. still operate today? Does society still condone them to the same extent?

5. When Evelyn was a young teenager, her beauty was celebrated by numerous photographers and painters. She was even Charles Dana Gibson's inspiration for his famous Gibson Girl. Did Evelyn's beauty and occupations as a model and chorus girl doom her to be a Me oo victim and survivor? How would these occupations have served her in the 21st century?