"No Outlet" by VS Kemanis

1. Do you think Arlene's feelings of guilt at age 64 about the crime against her college roommate are justified or an overreaction? How does Arlene's past shape her behavior toward her new neighbor Cherise? In what ways is Arlene different than she was 45 years ago?

2. It looks to Arlene as if Cherise is "hiding away." Do you think Cherise is strong or weak? How easy or difficult is it for a woman to run away and hide from an abuser? Has Cherise dealt with her situation in an effective way for herself? For her son?

3. Arlene is motivated to help Cherise in any way she can. Is Arlene a Good Samaritan or just a nosy neighbor? Should women look out for each other? If you found yourself in this situation, would you try to help or look the other way?

4. Have you ever been involved in a relationship with someone who stalked you or wouldn’t take No for an answer? How did you deal with it? What are some possible ways to deal with someone who feels entitled? To what extent do men as well as women ever experience this kind of harassment?