"Pentecost" by Eve Fisher

1. What are some of the difficulties Darla faces in being the first female pastor in rural South Dakota?

2. When Darla was a child, she decided not tell her parents what Roger Olson did to her. Do you think she should have told? Why?

3. Why do you think Roger Olson’s mother looked “defiant” when child Darla returned from the back room after her childhood encounter with Roger?

4. Portia Davison, Darla Koenig, Mary Lenvik, and Emmie Norred all have different roles in Laskin society, from “trailer trash” to an elderly pillar of the church. Is there anything that links them? How have their relationships with men in the community affected them?

5. What do you think would have been the best way to deal with Roger Olson’s continuing behavior as a peeping Tom who also exposes himself to young girls?