"Women Who Love Dogs" by Dayle A. Dermatis

1. John believes women should find him attractive and want to date him without knowing anything about him. His attitude is shared by “incels” and some other men. What do you think of the idea that men “deserve” women and/or sex or that women have a duty to perform for men?

2. Vanessa cares for her sister, Brooke, who has MS. Some male doctors are reported to discount or disbelieve women’s pain and other symptoms. Have you or a loved one had such an experience? How do you think the medical community might be educated differently?

3. Officer Ortiz believes Vanessa’s and Brooke’s story. Have you had an experience where a police officer discounted your report because of gender or another form of bias? How did that make you feel? Are there ways to educate police on how to listen to women and others who may be stereotyped and disregarded?

4. Rent-A-Pup is fictional, but the sharing economy is real. Lyft, Uber, AirBnB, and Poshmark allow individuals to share goods and services without accessing traditional corporate models. How do these services affect women in particular both positively and negatively?